Welcome to Egg Salad Industries (www.eggsalad.com)

The Egg Salad Industries leadership team brings over 200 years of combined executive acumen and experience to the table, allowing us to engage in a multitude of businesses & activities,  performing at or above the highest industry standards & expectations, while delivering value and results for our investors, partners, employees, clients/customers, contractors and suppliers.

Our unique ability to perform consistently at a caliber that exceeds our size produces larger scale possibilities for all parties without the immobility, stagnation & higher overhead cost structures that are typically associated with the marketplace's more substantially sized alternatives.

Egg Salad's logistic capabilities include seamless interface with all supply chain order management and billing software systems, unlimited financial wherewithal, solid banking relationships in both the domestic & int'l arenas, and a one million square foot modern warehousing and distribution facility in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

Our global reach extends to a combination of in-house company run offices and affiliates in Australia, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, India, Pakistan, China & Japan.

Our range of specialties includes manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing and/or importing of the highest quality licensed and branded merchandise, quick set-up retail, pop up retail, e-commerce & fulfillment sales, full access to a 40 year old wide based wholesale distribution network, and our highly regarded service divisions that deliver advertising/promotion, marketing/public relations and consulting/advisory assistance to the various companies, organizations and business communities.


For more information, please contact:
Charlie Anteby
Egg Salad Industries
PO Box 100
Deal, NJ 07723

(609) 345-2400
(917) 370-3477

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